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In your opinion, which should be the primary goal of the public education system?

In your opinion, is it more important that students:

In your opinion, who should have the stronger input in establishing student values, attitudes and beliefs?

In your opinion, what entity is better qualified to establish local school curriculum?

In your opinion, should basic reading, writing and math skills be the major requirements for high school graduation?

In your opinion, should students be forced to perform free community service jobs such as working with suicide prevention hot lines and drug rehabilitation centers as a requirement for high school graduation?

In your opinion, are condom distribution and explicit sex education programs appropriate for students in kindergarten and elementary classes?

In your opinion, should schools have the right to administer some form of discipline on unrulystudents so that order and a learning environment is maintained in the schools?

In your opinion, should schools have the right to exple students who have compiled long records of discipline problems, and who pose a threat to student and teacher safety, and show no interest in taking part in the educational process?

Which of the following best describes you?